Our Story

Abaton is a newly formed non-profit dedicated to protecting front line workers by building and donating personal protective equipment (PPE) decontamination devices. Our multidisciplinary team includes members with experience in health care, engineering, non-profit management, and fundraising. It is our mission to assist with the emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic and improve public safety.

We are building and validating a prototype to decontaminate N95 masks and other PPE for reuse. We are currently testing our prototype 60-liter chamber which uses aerosolized hydrogen peroxide. This technology has received FDA emergency use authorization and is being deployed in urban academic medical centers for large-scale processing. However, rural providers and front line workers in low-resource settings do not have access to these resources. Our mission is to fill this critical supply gap and protect vulnerable populations. We will enable under-served communities to further stretch their PPE supplies during this crisis and provide more robust PPE for under-equipped staff in community hospitals, nursing facilities, and for first responders.

             3D printing parts of the Arca prototype